Finding a flat

Finding a flat

How do I find accommodation?

Apartment ads can be found in your regional gazette, in daily newspapers and on the Internet. Low-cost apartments can also sometimes be found on the customer notice boards in large stores such as Migros and Coop.


If you are interested in an apartment, you usually have to complete a registration form and provide the apartment owner or apartment manager with documents such as an extract from the collection register and your residence permit.



  • You apply based on apartment ads; the landlord selects the tenant.
  • Please note the contractual conditions, such as periods of notice.
  • In rental apartment blocks, there are building rules that stipulate regulations governing the co-existence between Tenants (for example: silence at night or the use of the washing machine).
  • Each rental apartment block has a caretaker who ensures that the building rules are complied with and that the building is kept clean inside and out.