House rules

House rules

Is there anything particular that I should bear in mind as a tenant?

In a multi-occupancy building it is important for the occupants to be considerate of each other for a peaceful coexistence. There also have to be certain rules by which everybody abides. They are set out in detail in the house rules. Here are a few key points:


No night-time noise: this usually covers the period from 10 pm to 7 am and the quiet period over lunch from midday to 1 pm. During these times television and music volume should be turned down low and you should not do anything noisy. You should also avoid making noise on Sundays and public holidays. If you invite friends round for a party it is best to give your neighbours advance notice.


  • Communal areas/rooms: lobby, staircase, storage areas, laundry/utility room are available to all tenants. Please keep them clean and avoid putting your personal belongings in these areas.
  • Laundry/utility room: please adhere carefully to the rules for using the laundry/utility room and ensure you leave it clean after doing your laundry. This will avoid arguments with other tenants and contribute to a good atmosphere in the building.
  • Smoking: many buildings do not allow smoking on the staircase, in the communal areas, or in the lift. There are also apartments that specify non-smokers only.
  • Questions: If you have questions contact the caretaker, the manager, or landlord.


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