Where can I get advice?

In Switzerland there are several organisations concerned with housing. One is the Tenants’ Association (Mieterinnen- und Mieterverband). It represents the interests and rights of tenants, advises its members and provides them with additional services.


The arbitration services can also provide you with information on anything concerning renting accommodation, such as terminating your lease, rent increases, or return of your deposit. They also arbitrate between landlord and tenant in disputes. The advice and negotiations are free of charge. You have to take all your documents with you to the advice session, especially the lease.


In the canton of Grisons it is the arbitration services that act for you. You can find the contact details on the “Justiz Graubünden” (Grisons Justice) website.



  • Mieterinnen- und Mieterverband Graubünden

    Swiss Tenants’ AssociationPostfach 3617004 Chur081 534 05