Registering and deregistering

Registering and deregistering

Where must I register and deregister after I move?

If you move within the same municipality, you only have to notify your change of address to the Resident’s Registration Office. If you move to a different municipality you will usually have to deregister from the old municipality and register with the new municipality where you are living within 14 days. In most municipalities you will have to call at the Resident’s Registration Office in person. Remember to take the following documents with you:


  • Valid passport or identity card
  • Residence permit if available, otherwise a passport photo
  • Certificate of origin, individual or for couples, if applicable (the old municipality where you lived will have given you your certificate of origin. You can apply to your municipality of origin for a new certificate of origin).
  • Family record if you have children (copy)
  • Proof of insurance from a Swiss health insurance fund

According to the Free Movement of Persons Agreement, the same rules apply to nationals of EU/EFTA states as to Swiss people. Immigrants from a third state with a residence permit must find out in good time from the Resident’s Registration Office for the municipality where they are living, or from the cantonal migration authority if there are any additional steps they need to take when moving house. This applies in particular if you move canton as a new residence permit is generally required if you move to live in a different canton.


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