Domestic violence

Domestic violence

Domestic violence

Violence in marriage and partnerships and towards children is not accepted in Switzerland. Anyone who uses violence is liable to criminal prosecution. If you are affected by domestic violence you can contact a counselling service. If you are in serious danger you can contact the police directly for protection and help (telephone 117).


Childern and Adolescents

Children and adolescents affected by violence can contact the following organisations:

  • Grisons Centre for Victim Advice
    Klostergasse 5
    7000 Chur
    Telephone 081 257 31 50

  • Children’s Emergency Helpline for children and adolescents
    Telephon 147 (free)


Grisons Women’s Shelter (Frauenhaus Graubünden)

The Frauenhaus Graubünden (Grisons Women’s Shelter) provides women, their children and female adolescents with accommodation and protection, support and advice. The Women’s Shelter is open to female victims of any nationality and can be contacted 24 hours per day. Telephone 081 252 38 02. Advice is also available via the Internet.


  • Opferhilfe-Beratungsstelle des Kantons Graubünden

    Grisons Centre for Victim AdviceKlostergasse 57000 Chur081 257 31

Grisons Violent Persons’ Advice Centre

Men, women and adolescents who are violent or who threaten violence can contact the Violent Persons’ Advice Centre. The range of advice includes telephone counselling, crisis intervention and one-to-one advice. Specialists help the person seeking advice to find non-violent forms of conflict resolution.


  • Beratungsstelle für Gewalt ausübende Personen

    Grisons Violent Persons’ Advice CentreGrabenstrasse 157000 Chur079 544 38