Raising children

Agree rules

What should I do when my child doesn’t listen to me?

All families experience times when children are disobedient. It is best to respond directly to this. Don’t get into a discussion with your child. Simply saying clearly “I don’t want you to do that! Do you understand?” will achieve more. Make eye contact.


Remind your child of the agreements you have made and the rules. Tell him or her what the consequences are if they do not abide by the rules: perhaps they will not be allowed to watch television for a couple of days, or adolescents will not be permitted to meet their friends next Saturday.


Of course children will get annoyed about such consequences. Don’t let the child pressure you. Remember that clear rules provide stability and guidance. Your daughter or son will repeatedly encounter rules in other places, whether it is in school, on the street, in the world of work, or during their free time.